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The stats zone has all the information needed in preparation for our team selections & transfers!

Including current form, personal bests & our inside scoops 

The Pro League Athletes!

Here are the Pro League athletes!

TC & CC have the following athletes to pick from ahead of the next Pro League, check out our new recruits and see how everyone is getting on this year! 

TC & CC will pick 4 men & 4 women for their team from the list below for our outdoor 2023 event... who would you choose?


Crick Cast Pod or TC Coaching?

Who's got your support?



Meet The Pro's

Height - 1.83m

Weight - 

Wingspan - 

Age - 25

Height - 1.79m

Weight - 77kg

Wingspan - 1.81m

Age - 23

Height - 1.70m

Weight - 65kg

Wingspan - 1.74m

Age - 24

Height - 1.91m

Weight - 87kg

Wingspan - 1.91m 

Age - 29

Height - 1.70m

Weight - 61kg

Wingspan - 1.70m

Age - 27

Height - 1.86

Weight - 81kg

Wingspan - 187m

Age - 21

Height - 1.82(9)m

Weight - 81kg

Wingspan - 1.88m

Age - 23

Building on last year will be Tasha's aim for 2023 & the Pro League, if she can replicate her personal bests of 1.78m & 13.11m in the High Jump and Shot Put she will be a very useful member of whichever team she is on!

Laura will most certainly be ready for the high jump at the Pro League, she has the 2nd highest personal best in the competition and the most experience in competition out of any of the female performers.

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